What can your business outsource?

IT Consulting

As you review previous months, quarters, and years of financial reports, consider what can your business outsource versus the resources spent to do certain functions. Often accounting, marketing, administrative tasks, seasonal work, and IT consulting are on the table. Look at what you’ve spent in time and money in these areas and whether these are in the core job functions for whoever is doing them. Consider whether it makes sense budget wise to make these changes to your business.

Bookkeeping & Accounting

As a business owner myself, I was not aware of how much I was spending in certain areas because I wasn’t up to date on my financials. Not only that, but I also didn’t know how to use the reports to make business decisions. Since hiring a bookkeeper who is also an accountant, I now know my income and expenses monthly and can now set goals and make informed business decisions. The result is growth in my business over just one year. Was it worth the expense? YES! The service pays for itself, and I can focus on my core business.

Marketing & Social Media

This is often the second function that a business outsources. I like to say that as a start-up it is important to get a feel for marketing but then hand it off to the professionals. Social media posting, for example, is different than running an ad campaign for a product, analyzing results, and making changes for the next ads. There’s research and strategy as to how and why certain businesses are marketed in certain ways. If you’re busy studying the ins and outs of marketing, you’re likely not focused on the core business or highlighting your own expertise. It’s time to consider outsourcing marketing and social media.

Administrative Tasks

No matter the business, there are always administrative tasks like answering phones, setting appointments, and emailing. While there are scheduling and automation tools, it doesn’t replace the human touch. If you find yourself in need of assistance and don’t need someone full-time, consider hiring a virtual assistant (VA) who can help on a project or part-time basis. Websites like Upwork or the International Virtual Assistants Association are resources for these services.

Seasonal Work

Is your business busier at certain times of the year? I think of accounting and tax preparation as one of these industries. Consider hiring temporary help for the busy seasons. There are lots of parents in need of part-time work while their children are in school who may have experience in your industry. Ask your network who they know that may be interested. Be specific in the job functions so you find the right person faster.

IT Consulting

If you’ve read the news recently, you’ll know how important cybersecurity is for businesses of all sizes. If you’re not sure you’ve got the security in place to protect business, client, and customer data, it’s time to consider IT Consulting from PCC.

Partnering with PCC means a complete analysis of IT systems currently in place, recommendations for improvements, and an implementation plan to fit your budget. We’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more.