Time to Find Your Bay Area IT Team

Finding quality IT Support is a lot like your search for a mechanic or dentist. You needed a competent professional with broad experience and a roster of satisfied customers. They have to be trustworthy, current, and open. And even on a weekend or a holiday, they have to be available.

Assess how you found other services for your family. These steps will resonate:

Ask around

Who are your peers in your industry. Not everyone is a competitor. Ask them how they manage their IT challenges, projects, and emergencies?

Ask your IT Support if they will let you talk to any of their customers?

Your future IT support partner is proud of the relationships they have developed with other local businesses. Who are these people? What stories do they tell?

Check the reviews

Even after meeting some of their select customers, look for reviews that might offer other dimensions to their history.

Look for short wait times

As you interview potential IT support companies ask them about their response time. Question them about their team size and coverage at critical times. Don’t just take their word for it – ask their customers.

Understand your service options

What will your IT partner do, and what won’t they do? This is a conversation, not a yes/no Q&A. Be curious and imagine your worst-case scenarios. Ask, discuss, listen. Develop confidence in their depth, experience, and readiness to support your business and help you achieve your business-changing goals.

Find a comfortable waiting room

Wait, what? A comfortable waiting room at the dentist’s office sends a message. They can only be with one patient at a time, but they care about your comfort. With your IT team, there may not be a waiting room, but your Bay Area IT Support should assure you they have considered your issue, prioritized the urgency, and care about your comfort while you wait.

Local or National?

An IT support partner can help you in many ways remotely. But working locally with your Bay Area IT Support is a crucial choice. You don’t just want someone on the phone, you may need them above your ceiling and under your desk.

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