Why We Put Off Business Continuity

“Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”

― Don Marquis

Business Continuity may sound like a vague or ominous term. Considering the details, it may feel like a project you would just as soon put off or kick down the road. After all, you’ve made it through hard times before. Aren’t you already busy enough running a business? And you can get to it next quarter, right? Anyways, it’s somebody else’s problem. Shouldn’t IT be initiating that effort? You’ve never had a problem with cyberattacks so far, what are the chances anyone would be interested in attacking your business?

Do any of these rationales sound familiar? Of all the things to put off, Business Continuity isn’t the one to gamble on. Let’s talk about your excuses.

I’m already busy, I don’t have time

Truth! You ARE busy, no doubt. But your time really isn’t about time, it’s about priorities. You fill your day with the things you prefer doing, the jobs you feel competent tackling, and the tasks you believe you can start and finish. The answer isn’t about finding or making time, it’s about organization and ranking priorities. If Business Continuity feels too big to start and finish, it’s a clue you need to break the project into sub-tasks you CAN finish. You don’t have to conduct a crisis dress rehearsal today. Take a breath. All you have to do is commit to the first step: Begin assessing your risks.

I’ll do it tomorrow

Will you really though? This sounds similar to your excuses above. Putting something off till tomorrow is a whole different level of procrastination. It doesn’t even attempt to make an excuse. It’s just throwing your hands in the air and shrugging your shoulders. The truth is, tomorrow never comes. It will always be today and Business Continuity will always be something you plan to take care of tomorrow. Think of it like this: tomorrow is not a day of the week. Wednesday is. Open your calendar right now, and give the continuation of your business, the hour it deserves.

It’s somebody else’s problem

Dwight Eisenhower said, “The search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions.”

The truth is, continuity belongs to everyone in the business. It’s not just an IT thing, It’s not just a marketing thing. It’s a customer thing. Isn’t it? Imagine turning the “blame argument” around. Your superpower may be clearing your inbox with rapid replies or fast forwards – whatever it takes to clear your day to get back on task. Am I right? How great would it feel to have your team bring solutions to you? Be that leader for Business Continuity. Take a step, roll your sleeves up. And watch how quickly crisis management becomes a priority to the entire business. 

It won’t happen to me

You wear a seatbelt and buy insurance – that’s continuity. Making it this far doesn’t guarantee immunity. Should you gamble with the continuation of your business? Consider the effects of cyberattacks. More than half of all hits are on small-to-midsized businesses like yours, and 60 percent of these companies go out of business within six months. It WILL happen to you but when it does, you will be ready, won’t you? Your time, talent, and business are an investment worth it.